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Our Classes

 We developed a broad program which allows kids to express their artistic, academic, esthetic and moral skills. We want to teach them to perceive the world with its diversity and feel they are a part of this world, to teach them to be kind and considerate. 

Russian Language Lessons

Children Making Tomorrow is a multi-cultural program that gives children a chance to express their artistic abilities, share their concerns and at the same time help less fortunate children.


We create conditions that allow for the early development of children by using pedagogic innovative methods and techniques.



We give your child daily opportunities to explore and learn about the world through sensory experiences.



 We guide your children through the musical wonderland of knowledge.



We lead them through the land of math, science, geography, astronomy and history.



Children develop their artistic aptitudes by being taught: Music, Art, Dance, Gymnastics, Theater Play



We provide a harmonic education that emphasises the love for beauty.