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Artist - George Pocheptsov
George Pocheptsov

“George” Pocheptsov,
“I’m already doing what I want to do when I grow up!”

Own a piece of history in the making. This 17-year old child-prodigy started his career at the age of 17 months, drawing cars and scenes from sight. Fifteen years later, with numerous national talk show appearances, many features in periodicals and countless newspaper articles throughout the world, he continues to create his images on papers and canvas. This self-taught artist continues to amaze all who see his paintings. His new work utilizes more mixed media and three dimensional canvases. Each piece starts as sketches which are then combined and transformed into complex compositions showing advanced design, texture & layering techniques. Often compared to Picasso & Chagall, George blesses us with his incredible imagery, energy, and talent. Enrich your life and take advantage of a rare opportunity.