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We All Have Our Challenges
Wednesday, 29 May 2013 23:13   
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New book

"We All Have Our Challenges"

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We All Have Our Challenges is a collection of short bits of wisdom shared by an amazing young lady, Liliya Bromberg. Although Liliya has been confined to a wheelchair due to Cerebral Palsy and has been battling a unique form of cancer, her outlook at only twenty-two years of age is a gift to us all. Open your heart and open your mind as Liliya's bits of wisdom will fill your soul with love, courage and faith that transcends all boundaries. Special Thanks to: The Friendship Circle  www.friendshipcircle.org  Kids of Courage www.kidsoc.org.

About the Author

Liliya Bromberg is an inspirational young lady who has had some extremely challenging battles throughout her life. Throughout these challenges she has continued to be a beautiful spark to everyone she encounters. Liliya has been featured throughout local news stations as she has shown the world that you should never judge a book and more importantly each other by their cover. Liliya has always dreamed of putting her thoughts and perspectives in a book in order to share her insights with the world. This book is the reality of her dream coming true. Ryan G. Beale was introduced to Liliya through Bassie Shemtov of the Friendship Circle of Michigan.


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