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We organize benefit concerts featuring dance troupe and choir with the goal of fundraising for children's aid organization.

Holocaust in Latvia
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 The Association “Shamir” works on education about Holocaust in Latvia.  At the present moment about 40 books have been published in 7 languages on Jewish history of Latvia and the Holocaust. Association organizes annual conferences on Holocaust, educational projects for non-Jewish youngsters and school teachers to build a bridge between Jewish minority and other ethnic groups, commemoration events as annual “March for Life” on the streets of former Riga Ghetto and “Every child should have a name” -recitation of the names of Jewish children perished in the Holocaust. The Association “Shamir” has established the Riga Ghetto and Holocaust in Latvia Museum, which has been visited since 2010 by 112 000 tourists all over the world.

The Association “Shamir” and the Riga Ghetto and Holocaust in Latvia Museum are partners of the organization “Children Making Tomorrow” since 2016. Then the special book about Babiy Yar Tragedy “In Memoriam of the Holocaust Victims: Babiy Yar 75. NEVER FORGET” has been published with the help and support of Rabbi Dr. Menachem Barkahan, chief of the board of the Association “Shamir” and the Riga Ghetto and Holocaust in Latvia Museum. In nowadays we plan to organize exhibitions about tragedy of Latvian Jews during the World War II in different American cities, such as New York and Chicago.

The Conference “Riga Forum 2017. Holocaust and Modern Radicalism.” 2017.

March “Steps for Life” on the streets of former Riga Ghetto, 2017.

CMT Final Play 2009 (Pinocchio)
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CMT Final Play 2009 (Pinocchio)

Holocaust Memorial Day
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Close to 300 people attended the Holocaust memorial program featuring Russian survivors at the Jewish Community Center in Oak Park on May 31. A highlight of the event came with the performance by Children Making Tomorrow dance group.

New York 2006 TV Show - Our Talented Children
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New York 2006 International TV Show - Our Talented Children
JCC fundraising for Israel
Sunday, 13 September 2009 18:02    PDF Print
JCC Fundraising for Israel
Novi International Festival
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Интернациональный фестиваль в городе Новай (Novi International Festival)

Еврейский Центр (Jewish Community Center)
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Еврейский Центр (Jewish Community Center), совместные концерты с Яковом Явно на праздновании Пурим

Благотворительный концерт (Henry Ford Health System)
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Благотворительный концерт, организованный (Henry Ford Health System)
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - Slavic Day
Sunday, 13 September 2009 17:15    PDF Print

Празднование Славянского Дня в Мичиганском Университете (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)