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Academy of Creative Studies

Ella NikolavskyElla Nikolavsky is a talented and experienced teacher dedicated her life to rise up hundreds of children as creative, kind, and responsible members of the future society. Her motto is to light up a star shining in every child.

In 2008 Ella Nikolavsky and “Children making Tomorrow” established an Academy of Creative Studies to provide educational classes for kids and express their artistic skills, develop academic aptitudes, esthetic and moral skills

To perceive this goal she studied Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and Psychology in Odessa University, and became a day care teacher in 1972 in Odessa, a Russian city, where she was born in 1953. In 1994 she moved to the USA, and did everything to keep her talent active. She opened her first Home day care in 1999, and started working with American children giving them her love and introducing to them great culture of Russia.

In 2001 Ella Nikolavsky and her Day Care “Shining Stars” won The Governor Quality Care Awards. Her after school program attended by many former day care students inspired her to found an International Organization “Children Making Tomorrow” to organize children and make them work together to help the world became a better place to live. Working in collaboration with Detroit International Institute children from “Ella’s Stars” Day Care performed at the Novi International Festival “Passport of the Nations”, 2007. In 2006 they performed at the Fourth Annual Slavic Language Day at the University of Michigan and organized a fund-raising concert for children suffered from Middle Eastern Conflict. In 2005 “Ella’s Stars” took a part in the Ice Warriors premiere charity event “Flavor of Russia” organized for the Salvation Army hurricane relief efforts, and in 2004, “Ella’s Stars” performed for a fund raising event for children suffered from tsunami in Indonesia and more.

The great success for Ella was 2006 when children of “Ella’s Stars” became the Laureates of the International Televised talent Competition “Our talented Children 2006”, New York.

Children Making Tomorrow
Ilya Bromberg

The Children Making Tomorrow founded in 2005, has been registered as Michigan domestic nonprofit corporation under section 501(c) 3 IRS and became one from


many member of the Word Congress of Russian Jewry in January 2008. CMT commitment to creative children of Russian and Jewish Russian community in Michigan and cooperation with similar organizations in the World. The main aim of the CMT is to strengthen children of the Jewish community in Michigan. For over 4 years the CMT has accomplished a substantial amount of work. CMT have carried into effect numerous long-term programs and organized some


actions, which received an overwhelmingly positive response in our community. We are greeting all the people who have been cooperating with us, who support our activity in our community and all over the world. Last 2008 year the CMT actively worked in various directions following the only common for all us aim - the culture education of the children of the Jewish community in Michigan, making fitting conditions for the activity of the children. International contacts and creation of the joint projects and their successful execution were realized in different programs of the CMT in 2008. CMT likes has deals with the businessmen who will finance the CMT programs for children and CMT makes and shares means collections for the needs of children of the Jewish communities. There are so many outstanding tasks! CMT will work with different international foundations and try getting a number of grants for carrying out cultural and educational programs. As a representative of American Forum I wish CMT work in such a way so that the concerted action results could help us in the present and become a stable basis for the future! I would like to thank all the CMT staff, volunteers; sponsors who will help achieve the present status and express the hope that the most important events are waiting for CMT in the future!


Ilya Bromberg

Plenipotentiary Representative Of The American Forum Of the World Congress of Russian Jewry in State Michigan