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Us and our children

«Us and our children»
is a newsletter that will be available once every three months. This newsletter is dedicated to our biggest treasures – our children. Tips on upbringing, so that our toddlers grow up to be genuinely good people, on how to express our love without spoiling them, on feeding habits that help avoid obesity, on how to deal with flu & colds, on how to answer your child’s endless questions, and much, much more! All of this information can be found on the pages of our newsletter.

Charity fund “Children Making Tomorrow” , parents, and of course our children! For our little stars we will organize the authors of this newsletter are the teachers of “Ella’s Stars” day care center, the activists of the contest based on the best self-made Russian story. For adults - contest of the cutest child photos. We will share our recent news, our knowledge of raising children, information about our newer programs, and discussions of general issues. Moreover, we will write of information about the charity fund “Children Making Tomorrow.” From our point of view, the title of this organization expresses the goal of this fund. If we teach our children to be moral in their treatment of their surroundings, we will complete one of the most important jobs in the world. We truly hope that you will not only read our material, but also share with us the worries, suggestions, experiences, and the funny stories from your child’s life. Our biggest hope is that reading our newsletter will be entertaining, and that it brings us closer to understanding the magical world of children

  • News   ( 9 Articles )

    What? Where? When? Performance information about the charity foundation “Children Making Tomorrow,” as well as, news about concerts, open houses, book sales, newly available classes and libraries, and other information about the Russian Community in Detroit, can be found in our rubric. You will be the first to know what, where, and when something is happening!



  • For parents   ( 1 Article )

    Parents always have so much on their plate! They must always stay informed when it comes to their kids, whether it’s about the disinfection of baby bottles or about progress in their child’s upbringing. Even the smallest baby whimper creates a panic in a parent’s heart. Their first impulse is to respond to their child’s every need. For parents who like to stay informed, we provide a rubric with questions and answers. You can also write to us and ask about anything you’d like to know. Hopefully, you will share your wisdom with us, as well. Together we will create a positive environment, with positive emotions. This will give your child a chance to further his/her abilities!

  • Открыли Америку   ( 2 Articles )

    Мы будем делиться с вами новостями, знакомить с уникальным опытом детского воспитания, предлагать новые программы и обсуждать наши общие проблемы. Кроме того мы будем рассказывать о деятельности благотворительного фонда "Children Making Tomorrow".



  • Our children talk…   ( 1 Article )

    Our children are the best storytellers in the world. Even a comedian wouldn’t be able to dream up some of the things they say. The ideas for their stories can come from anywhere. They will tell these stories based on their own impressions, describing their point in their own special words. Soon they will grow up and their language will become much more formal but also …boring. So let’s enjoy these moments – the moments during which our geniuses create their language. Their personal accounts are important, and we should save these in our memories forever.


  • Attention: Contest   ( 1 Article )

    If your child likes to pain, draw, or write, reward their efforts by sending these creation to us! We will publish your child’s work, and in this way, attract attention of professionals. The contest will come to a conclusion at the end of this year. Perhaps your child is capable of creating treasures, like the work of Van Gogh and other great artists? Don’t let your little one miss the chance to shine like a star!All contest participants should submit their material toe-mail: estars@sbcglobal.net или info@childrenmakingtomorrow.com

  • Attention: Photo contest   ( 1 Article )

    We are proud of our children, and like to share this with everyone. If you have interesting photos of your children, take part in the “Stop and freeze” contest. Email your photographs to e-mail: estars@sbcglobal.net or info@childrenmakingtomorrow.com